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Liana × Plum Panel Recap


Liana × Plum Panel Recap

Posted on 05/29/24

Join BREDA as we recap an evening celebrating fashion, literature, and culture with Plum Sykes and Liana Satenstein at Nine Orchard.

Welcome to an evening of timeless elegance and intriguing conversation. We at BREDA are especially delighted to be part of the NEVERWORNS Live! interview with the celebrated Plum Sykes hosted by the incredible Liana Satenstein. Housed at Nine Orchard the night fused the worlds of fashion, literature, and culture into an evening to remember. Our brand is dedicated to timeless style, and we are thrilled to stand alongside the brilliant house of Banana Republic for this event. Our timepieces are designed to elevate sophisticated and unique expressions of individuality, much like Plum Sykes’ writing, which captures the very essence of fashion's golden era in her "Fashion Fiction" series.

The event delved into the illustrious career of Plum Sykes, from her influential articles in Vogue to her acclaimed novels. Be prepared for firsthand accounts of her journey, her inspirations, and the behind-the-scenes stories that have shaped her voice in the world of fashion. Brought to life by the skillful team at Starkman & Associates and perfected with PR from Conti Communications, the night brought style, insight, and inspiration. Here’s to celebrating the enduring legacy of Plum Sykes. Thank you for joining us!

Images by Images by Bre Johnson and Born.