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BREDA Meets Luar for NYFW

Spring 2024

BREDA Meets Luar for NYFW

Posted on 02/20/24

Last week, during New York Fashion Week, BREDA and Luar forged a creative partnership, uniting over their shared values of inclusion and self-expression. Dive into our exploration to uncover how BREDA's made it to the runway.

Images by Diego Bendezu

On Tuesday, February 13th, in an expansive warehouse venue in Bushwick, BREDA debuted at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with Luar as the official timepiece partner, and we’re still beaming; however, it’s not just because Beyoncé was in attendance. The NYFW collaboration between Luar and BREDA was a serendipitously organic pairing of two brands with significant brand DNA and ethos overlaps. Like Luar, BREDA is a brand that approaches its creative process and product with the lenses of artistic expression, innovation, and the inclusivity of its community in mind. To that effect, the creative powerhouse behind Luar, Raul Lopez, announced in a statement on Instagram after the show: “… I want you all to know and trust that Luar is a space for everyone from all walks of life to exist and be a part of — no one is excluded. It's a space for all of you, for all of us icons to exist.” BREDA echoes this ethos with our commitment to Timeless Self-Expression and Breaking the Boundaries of Binary, two pillars that BREDA proudly stands on. All are welcome if they come with respect.

The event, marked by the attendance of the pinnacle of icons, underscored the cultural resonance of the Luar x BREDA collaboration. It wasn't just the star power in the room that captivated the audience but the palpable sense of community and shared values that both brands embody. Lopez often involves his friends in his shows, and this year was no different, marking the atmosphere as familial. For the night, everyone felt as though they knew each other forever. It was an actual family affair for the Knowles', as Beyoncé, Tina, and Solange attended. Solange Knowles’s son, Daniel “Julez” Smith Jr., also made his runway debut in the show.

Raul Lopez's vision for Luar as a space of universal belonging resonates deeply with BREDA's ethos of timeless self-expression and the breaking of binary norms. Together, we presented a united front that fashion is not just about the clothes we wear or the accessories we adorn but about the stories we tell and the spaces we create for everyone to exist freely and boldly in their own skin. The afterparty, mostly contained at the same venue, became a free-flowing dance affair where bodies collided freely. As the night ended, people spilled into the streets in good spirits, inspired or filled with levity for the moment.

The collaboration was elevated by the involvement of tastemakers who embody the spirit and ethos of both brands. These collaborations weren't just about lending a face to the partnership and weaving a richer narrative around the collection. BREDA's family, Deon Hinton, Tanner Reddick, Ant Blue Jr., and Katie Caplener, combined their unique perspectives with Luar's family, Fiffany Luu, Mel Renee, The Dare, Marcus Cuffie, and Martin Gregory, creating a multi-dimensional showcase that transcended traditional runway presentations.

On the runway, BREDA's timepieces were not mere accessories but statements of intent. Some models traditionally wore our timepieces around their wrists, but others, like the striking ensemble that included a deep burgundy leather jacket with a plunging neckline and oversized, sculptural shoulders adorned with brown and gold twisted rope-like details on the sleeves and collar, combined multiple Sync timepieces to form incredible shoulder pieces that continued entirely around the model. These pieces, integrated seamlessly with Luar's fashion-forward designs, showcased a commitment to redefining how we interact with time — not as a linear, relentless force but as a fluid, expressive dimension that we navigate and interpret in our own unique ways.

As we look beyond the glittering spectacle of NYFW, the BREDA x Luar has laid down a marker for what fashion shows can be and what fashion itself can represent. In a world of division, our partnership reminds us of the unifying power of creativity and the importance of spaces where everyone is welcome.

This collaboration is not the end but the beginning of a journey towards a more inclusive, expressive, and innovative fashion industry. As both brands continue to explore and expand their creative horizons, we will remember the BREDA x Luar partnership as a pivotal moment when two brands came together to challenge the status quo and pave the way for a new era of fashion that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the endless possibilities of collaboration. And we’re not done yet…

Images by Weston Kloefkorn