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Nurturing Time

A Mother's Presence with Marti Diro

Posted on 05/05/22

Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on the figures who have nurtured and shaped our paths, guiding us to become the best versions of ourselves. Join us for our final 'Nurturing Time: A Mother's Presence' interview, featuring Dallas-based Designer Marti Diro, where she shares the importance of open communication and self-care in her role as both a mother and a founder.

Marti Diro is a mother of two boys. She owns Foreign Collections, an online business that focuses on handmade originals and curated accessories. She also owns SUK, an online designer womenswear business that focuses on timeless pieces for a reasonable price.

What time were you born? What time was your child/children born?


My firstborn Noah was born at 11:25 am, and my 2nd born Sami was born at 1:00 pm. As for me, unfortunately, I don't know the exact time I was born. I was born in Ethiopia, and at the time I was born, most hospitals didn't document the time of birth, but I know it was sometime in the morning.


Support can come in different variations. Who are the people that have given support when you needed it most?


My family. I am not good at asking for help to be honest. It's something I accepted about myself. Between my husband and siblings, I get all the support I need.


Have you been able to balance time for yourself? What does that look like?


That's a lesson I constantly have to remind myself. The hardest part of raising kids is how much time I dedicate to them, and it's pretty demanding, to say the least. I have a wonderful husband who nudges me in the right direction when I fall into that trap. Finding that balance could mean focusing on my business and catching up on my to-do list that remains undone for some time, or it could be simply taking time for self-care and doing small things like getting my hair or nails done. It does wonders for my mental health.

"Having your kids express themselves and creating a safe space to communicate the ups and downs of their day is an invaluable foundation for what's ahead."

What is one thing you encourage when it comes to raising your child/children?


Having your kids express themselves and creating a safe space to communicate the ups and downs of their day is an invaluable foundation for what's ahead. I have been religiously asking my boys how their days are, and sometimes I get the bare minimum. Most of the time, they tell me every detail of their day, and I listen to them with undivided attention. I am very hopeful building trust and allowing them to communicate their feelings will pay off as they grow older.


Best advice you’ve ever been given?


There is always a right time for everything.


Do you have any advice about motherhood?


That's a tough one. What works for me might not work for another mother. Sometimes consciously or subconsciously, people would share unsolicited advice, at times that might do more harm than good. I think doing their best with their respective circumstances is what I would advise.

"There is always a right time for everything."