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Meet the Makers

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Meet the Makers

Posted on 12/14/22

This holiday season we are featuring artists and their intimate spaces. Meet the Makers: Sade Mims, Marcus Leslie Singleton, and Lorna and Liam of Skilset.

Sade Mims is a Philadelphia born, Brooklyn-based Artist and Founder of EDAS, a line of bags and accessories. Sade has created an environment that reflects who she is as an artist. Her brand EDAS plays with unique shapes and colors that can be found within her paintings. Crafted by hand, each of her accessories are one of a kind. All images were shot by Alexis Gómez and assisted by Elea Franco.

Marcus Leslie Singleton is a Seattle born Brooklyn-based self-taught artist best known for his distinct figurative paintings. The artist's range between oil, pencil or spray paint offer vast texture throughout his paintings. Using spontaneity, scale, and expressive placement of color, Singleton's paintings offer a jovial perspective that is both poignant and bold.

Skilset is an independent design and fabrication in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that has created an open space for those looking to get your hands dirty. Artists Lorna & Liam are makers that are part of Skilset. From building stools for a fashion show to creating select pieces for a home, Skilset is a club that anyone can join.