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Posted on 12/22/22

Brothers Thurman and Torrence Thomas of THEBROSFRESH crafted a playlist to enjoy with any activity. Listen and learn more about them and their non-profit, Tankproof, below.

Hailing from Geismar, LA, a little town nestled between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Thurman and Torrence of THEBROSFRESH provide renewed insight and impact through the creative outlets and spaces that they occupy.

Showcasing sounds that pay homage to their R&B/soul, southern hip-hop, and rock upbringing, THEBROSFRESH are establishing a new perspective to what's "southern."

Hard-hitting percussion and aural aggression meet a smooth sensibility and aesthetic in a way that has never been experienced.

In addition to music, Thurman and Torrence operate Tankproof, a nonprofit that gives youth in under-served communities education and essentials to navigate life’s currents. Their goal is to provide access, equity, and opportunity through our swimming lessons to make communities safer and even save lives.

Scroll down to enjoy a BREDA-exclusive playlist curated by THEBROSFRESH.