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The BREDA Fall 2019 collection, Locale, is a hometown retrospect discussing growth, the idea of home and the personal relationships shared between time and place.

Expanding on this BREDA has collaborated with Tramaine Townsend, a photographer, designer, and visual artist. Tramaine has adopted the BREDA Locale concept, applying his own vision and interpretation to direct a short film. The purpose of this film is to celebrate our city and the creative community within Dallas. The film features local talent fusing together music, dance, poetry and visual arts.

On the evening of July 31st, we hosted a very special event to celebrate the premiere of the film at the Belmont Hotel. DJ Sober set the tone for the evening as guests gathered by the pool overlooking the best view of our city and connected in celebration of all of the artists that generously put forth their talents to make this film come to life.

Upon sunset everyone migrated into the courtyard where they were presented with a solo performance by Kevin Middleton. After the performance the crowd moved as a unit to the hotels hilltop patio where the film Locale was premiered.

At the core of BREDA is a continuous exploration of new ways to build a collaborative community, providing a platform to tell the stories of passionate creators. This event provided just that. The evening inspired creativity and allowed for cultivated conversation within our Dallas community. The BREDA team is endlessly thankful for all of those who participated in this special project and to the Belmont Hotel for hosting such a magical evening.

View the evening’s recap and dance performance below.