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To mark every International Women’s Day, I make time to reflect and write a series of notes focused on womanhood, girlhood, and sisterhood. This time around, I wanted to celebrate by sharing a little about my journey, all the women of my life, and all of the women in the world that inspire me every day. 

While women should be celebrated every day, it’s important to celebrate this day in togetherness and acknowledge it as a reminder that there are rules still to be rewritten and we are still rebuilding a foundation for the women of our future. The history of oppression has shaped what it means to be a woman today. Women carry so much in this world: light, anger, nurture, neglect, creation. There is still much to be recognized and much to fight for in hoping we can build a place where love, respect, and equality exist for all. I feel optimistic as the voices of women are finding more ears. What I’ve seen over the past few years is that there’s a new wave of exciting minds being more collaborative and bringing more empathy into their work and daily lives. It’s an exciting time right now where there’s more of a singular goal to make the world a better place, and people are finally paying attention.

The celebration of the women is something that is always inherently woven into my work. And there was no question that this would find its way to the forefront when I joined BREDA. Zooming in on the watch industry, it can still very much feel a bit like entering a boys club. Timepieces are often associated with tradition, including what watch styles are supposed to be Women’s or supposed to be Men’s. This is something BREDA hopes to play a part in changing. Making the watch space a more welcoming place for all. Last year we chose to drop gendered language from the brand with our Regeneration campaign. Our only desire is to create pieces that can be used as tools for anybody to self-express, in whatever way it pleases you, as it fits your form and your life.

I wrote this letter today in the hope of sending a little light and love to all you beautiful women out there blossoming.

To Womanhood:
As I reflect, looking at the shape that I’ve molded into and the voice I’ve created for myself, I feel proud. I know I am far from perfect but I know that I am good. I know that I seek acceptance, that I have days filled with fear and I can let self-doubt outweigh my affection for others. But I also know that I prioritize listening, I can love intensely and I have built true strength within myself. I am proud to be a woman.

To Girlhood:
If I could look 10 years ago me right in the eyes, I would tell her that you will be challenged every day. Your instincts are always right. Don’t second guess yourself and don’t get too comfortable. There will be many times where you may not feel respected but don’t keep quiet because you’re worried that your ideas or your voice may not be valued. When you push for what you want in this world and prioritize showing respect to others, you’ll find yourself where you want to be.

To Sisterhood:
To my sisters, you make this beautiful world go ‘round. Move forward in your passion and don’t let self-doubt and fear hold you back. Stay clear of complacency and always challenge yourself. Be unapologetic in your strength, shameless in your power. Lift each other up, because when we join together, magic forms.


-Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA