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Introducing BREDA’s new journal series, Time & Space. Time and Space explores creation, human connection, and intimate spaces. In the spirit of embracing moments of resiliency, we’re taking a look into the ethereal works of Natalie Krim. 

 What sources of joy, strength, or pleasure do you draw from? What inspires you to create? 

 Recently my drawings, except for the political ones, are emblematic of dreams or visions I have during sleep or mediation. I process my emotions in this dreamlike state, a subconscious sorting and reorienting of experience. My work, which is an extension of this processing, is inspired by events in my life that require attention and healing: the experience of loss, the need for connectedness, the acceptance of self, and the desire to grow. 

What advice or words of encouragement would you give to your younger self during challenging times?

I would tell myself to listen closely to your gut instincts. Trust them, honor them, let them be the driving force that leads all decisions. I would say a million times over and over “you are good enough.”    

 COVID has caused many of us to get creative with our workspaces. What does yours look like in 2021? 

For the most part I’ve always worked from a home studio setup, so not much has drastically changed as far as my workspace is involved; however, all this time at home has provided  an opportunity to become much more organized and to have fun making my space feel extra inviting. Even though COVID has felt chaotic, uncertain, and at times just really scary, I feel lucky that a little over a year ago I moved out of LA to be surrounded by nature and animals. This really allowed me to extend my workspace outdoors instead of feeling cooped up inside. 

Your line work and sketches are very ethereal. What emotions do you hope to evoke through them?

I hope to elicit an honest reactionwhatever that may look like to the viewer. I have so much to learn and so much I want to create and so the hope in all of this is that for each thing I touch, whether it be a drawing or a lover, to feel ok with being unapologetically authentic. 

We love how your work celebrates feminine freedom. Are your drawings autobiographical? 

My work is always autobiographical, but not always literal. 


Natalie Krim is an Ojai based artist exploring the complexities of intimacy, women’s issues and political injustices through her surreal and autobiographical drawings. Krim’s amorous pieces illustrate moments in time, a voyeur into her past and the present.  Each individual work opens a window into the complex and intimate journey of the artist, and embodies a defiant declaration of the free and fervid feminine spirit.