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In alignment with our mission of prioritizing self-expression, we wanted to take a few moments to sit down and learn a bit more about digital creator and Austin based stylist Shadiat Yinka Ojelade. From her views on time to where she finds inspiration, Shadiat let’s us into the small pleasure of life that are getting us through our daily lives in the world we’re currently experiencing.

In terms of expression, what ways do you use your personal style to communicate?
I like to communicate my style as a structural simplicity at its best. Nowadays, anyone can wear the latest Dior or Orseund Iris, but it matters how they wear it and express it. My favorite way is through photos. For instance, one can see a belt on a model or in a store but can elevate the belt by videos or photos in the most interesting angles. I love seeing people's vision in a new way.

What have you learned about yourself during this time of self-reflection?
Oooo so many things. I guess the biggest is that I thrive when I am at home, creating, and not having too many voices in my ear. I flourish best when I do not have too many distractions. I am in the process of reaching goals in 6 months that originally would take me years to complete.

How has this time shaped you in a way that was unexpected?
Patience is key. This world is fast paced and shaping to be impatient. It is so hard not to follow suit. It is something I actively struggle with everyday. I also learned how to not waste my time in areas that do not serve me. I am extremely open minded and was used to trying everything and anything. I still am that way but I no longer waste my time doing things that didn't work previously.

How do you take your coffee?
Hot. Italian espresso. Latte type preferred.

What's something you prioritize and make time for?
Fitness and health. I've had a major influx of balance introduced into my life and I am so much more confident because of it. Balance with my 9-5 as well as staying active has cleared my head exponentially. I love learning about my body and how we function. It's a lifestyle. Do I have America's dream body? No. But what I feel internally is something I never want to lose. If you ever want to talk about nutrition and fitness, I am always here!

What does self-expression mean to you?
Doing and trying new things. How else would you figure out how to truly express yourself? Speaking on things you're passionate about is the healthiest way to live your life. Sticking to the schedule that someone else sets for you will only set you back. School Try everything or try nothing if you know where you are comfortable. Constantly regenerate yourself. Remember the emotions felt are valid through it all, no matter how "different" you seem. For example, I don't really like tik tok. I gave it a shot to make sure I know I wasn't being a boomer and realized it is just something I do not care for. I didn't approach it as if I was going to hate it at first, I came in with an open mind.

What's your favorite time of day?
I will forever love the sunrise, but no matter how hard I try, I will never be a morning person. The smell of fresh coffee gets me so lit. I also love the sunset with a good cocktail.

Are you an indulgent person?
YES. I love to reward myself for the tiniest things haha. The only area I am not so rewarding is my photography. Extremely critical of myself there. But if I finish 1/3 of a work assignment, I deserve dessert and a nap.

Where do you find or look for inspiration?
Currently, it is mainly music videos, runway shows, Instagram, and film. I looooooove movies so much. I used to want to be an actress. I would get lost in the ability of one's range. I love when one can express different emotions in such a wide variety. To be as subtle as Angelina Jolie, or passionate when appropriate as Angela Bassett. To create a whole new identity as Catherine O'Hara in Schitt's Creek is so amazing to me. I also love how simplicity and exaggeration can range on the runway. All the way from The Row to Y/Project. I spend so many hours looking at these inspirations while creating an honest masterpiece in myself. True regeneration.

Looking ahead, how would you like to evolve or grow?
I would love to see Systemic Love in society truly flourish. I want to look back and tell my kids that I grew up during a revolution when people wanted to follow suit in anti-racism. Exclusivity based on ones looks would no longer be tolerated. I would also want to expand my photography work to be high end and editorial while being original. I want to be authentic and loving at the same damn time. I want to be a superstar in these.

What makes you feel most at home?
Bomb furniture for me. The amount of saving up I have to do to live my interior design dreams is crazy. I want my home to be somewhere I can continue my creative content. Most importantly, a place I can host my loved ones!

How do you make a bad day better?
I seriously love to be around people who make me laugh. I was raised in a pretty serious household, and noticed my siblings and I favorite way to deal with it all was laugh. Constantly looking for funny shows and funny people I can just chill with. I've been around so many stressed out people that my tolerance has seriously gone down.

What skill have you gotten better at with time?
My work in lighting and color in fashion. You would think color coordination and lighting is easy and simple, but it can make a worlds difference when it comes to a project you are working on. I wish it was planning and time management. I'm a Sagittarius, so naturally we like to go with the flow and are less organized. I constantly surround myself with Virgo's to get my organizational skills up. xx