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The Edit

The Okdeon Edit

An exploration of self-progress—Deon Hinton illustrates his take on Regeneration and what it means to embody self-expression. Created with both intention and effort, Deon’s Edit is a depiction of self-love, inspired by BREDA’s fundamental qualities of advocating for individuality and celebrating ever-evolving personal style.

Deon Hinton, also widely known as @okdeon is a New York-based creative, working in the realms of modeling, photography, cinematography, and poetry. Alongside our Fall 2020 campaign, Regeneration, Deon let's us into his world on style, expression and reflection on the transformative times we're living in.

"I've learned that I'm stronger than I believe."

B: In terms of expression, what ways do you use your personal style to communicate?

D: My personal style often depends on how I’m feeling within that moment. Often my expression is very soft and subtle, however there are moments when I’m wanting a more refined and chic version of myself. Color palettes play the biggest role within this.

B: What have you learned about yourself during this time of self-reflection?

D: I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I believe. I’ve realized that I don’t give myself credit where its due—I’ve learned to give myself my flowers.

B: How has this time shaped you in a way that was unexpected?

D: I’ve come to really cherish the relationships that I have, nurturing them.

“I hope to see love within humanity, and healing from our past so we can look forward to the future, not fearing it.”

The Edit
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Images courtesy of Deon Hinton