The 3 timepieces signify 3 phases: Beginning, becoming and transforming.

Pulse surveys the pivotal moments in the cycles of our human lives.

Focused on the moments that mold us, that make our hearts race and propel us forward.

Symbolizing the idea of time as our anchor and our only true constant through all chapters of life.

Resting right on our pulse, shapeshifting with us and sharing every heartbeat.

"The concept for Pulse really stemmed from this repetition I kept feeling, through my own thoughts and in conversation with others. The idea of being between two places in life and feeling at odds with time. More specifically, a constant seeking of balance between the online and offline world.

I wanted to create a timepiece that reflects this balance. The look and feel of the timepiece portrays this dominantly digital space we live in and have evolved with. The purpose and simple function symbolizes our desire to be more present, to accept time and the way we move with it; as our only true constant and our pulse our timekeeper.

Pulse explores life’s pivotal moments, acknowledging the signs of life that shape us—the recognition that we are always able to begin again, take our own steps to become something new, realize that transformation, and the cycle repeats. Onward."

Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA


Product Design: Efrain Villa
Creative Direction: Kendall Falcon
Photographer: Kalan Briggs
Art Direction: Corrina Mackinnon
Styling: Ruben Burgess
Assistant Photography: Helen Jade Shedd
Web & Graphic Design: Zacree Cobos
Talent: Abby & Daniel (Wallflower Management)
Beauty: Shane Monden (Wallflower Management)