Engage in Playful Practice

Engage in Playful Practice


Introducing Play (Illuminate) — For Summer 2021, BREDA presents an expansion of the Play collection, a joyful depiction of motion, imagination and pleasure. With a nod to the inner child, the Play (Illuminate) watch houses glow-in-the-dark features.

The lume charges by bright light and time under the sun to become a source of light after dark. Built to withstand the long summer days of high heat and adventure, Play (Illuminate) exists as a 24/7 companion to enjoy your body and engage in playful practice.

Engage in Playful Practice

Releasing the stigma that one must be competitive in achieving physical wellness to simply enjoy the body and the way it moves.

Adventure Awaits

The Play case is made from recycled TR90. This material is durable yet lightweight, created to keep up with movement and activity.

Sources of Light

The lume used to create the glow in the dark effect is charged by bright light and time under the sun to become a source of light after dark.

Ready for H20

The Play (Illuminate) watch is 5ATM Water-Resistant and quick drying. Made to take on the splash and the sweat that comes with the summer months.

In Clear View

All Play watches feature an open window case back, with the movement and function in view.

Take On the Sun

The Play watch band is made from recycled Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Made to endure high summer heat and long days in the sun.

It's Okay to Play

Releasing the mind of boundaries that allow us to grow away from curiosity and acts of playfulness.


Product Design: Efrain Villa
Creative Direction: Kendall Falcon
Photographer: Kalan Briggs
Art Direction: Corrina Mackinnon
Styling: Ruben Burgess
Assistant Photography & Film Photography: Helen Jade Shedd
Web & Graphic Design: Zacree Cobos
Talent: Dylan (New Pandemics), Magne Ndiaye (New Icon)
Beauty: Shane Monden (Wallflower Management)

Collection Statement

"Play is about making the time to simply enjoy your body and the way it moves. Releasing the mind of boundaries that allow us to grow away from curiosity and acts of playfulness.

Although the watch itself feels very youthful, to me, this collection is a lot about growing up. Learning more about your spirit, your body and being comfortable enough to stay in touch with your inner child.

Being drawn back to motifs of my youth, I wanted to create something that felt refreshingly retro and could fit into a sophisticated space. The perfect piece to share with those long summer days—one to keep up with all the heat, the adventure, the play."

Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA