The BREDA Fall 2019 collection, Locale, is a hometown retrospect discussing growth, the idea of home and the personal relationships shared between time and place. This explores self acceptance and self understanding under the scope of raw reflection—looking directly at what has built a person and exactly who they are now in pure form.

BREDA has collaborated with Tramaine Townsend, a photographer, designer, and visual artist. His work explores a minimal approach with calculated production and intensive design. He utilizes these subjects in various mediums for viewers to align it as an experience. Tramaine has adopted the BREDA Locale concept, applying his own vision and interpretation to direct a short film. The purpose of this film is to celebrate our city and the creative community within Dallas. The film features local talent fusing together music, dance, poetry and visual arts.

The BREDA team is humbled and elated to have brought this project to life, as it is the first of it’s kind for the brand. At the core of everything we do, we continually explore new ways to build a collaborative community, providing a platform to tell the stories of passionate creators.

Written & Directed by Tramaine Townsend
Creative Direction - Kendall Falcon
Colorist - Neil Anderson
Sound Mix - Adam Pickrell

Roxanna Redfoot
Lydia Umlauf
Ruben Burgess
David Morgan
Shelly Cochrane
Gretchen Ackerman
Bianca Melidor

Filmed at The Belmont Hotel

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Film Premiere Recap