Introducing Groove

The BREDA Summer 2023 Collection is inspired by the journey of finding one’s own flow state. We welcome Groove as a collection of five timepieces, resembling a continuity between self and other. Each timepiece holds intricate ridges resembling the hills and valleys within our lives, telling a story of ever-unfolding presence and stillness, one that compels the spirit to dig deeper within itself until all aspects of one’s identity intersect harmoniously.

Groove carries a petite 16mm stainless steel square case and a 16mm bracelet; this timepiece presents a delicate buckle feature and fastens with a jewelry clasp.


Product Design: Efrain Villa & Heba Nimer
Creative Direction: Helen Jade
Photography, Video & Score: Kalan Briggs
Photo Assistance & Tech: Addiel Guevara
Photo Art Direction & Styling: Ruben Burgess
Art Direction: Zacree Cobos
Graphic Design: Gema Itzel
Beauty: Will Metivier
Talent: Will, Joyce, Kismet, Jeannie, & Lael (Provided by One Management & Vision LA)