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Hey family, I know things are really tough right now and the world feels heavier than ever. There is a pandemic still hovering over our livelihood and there is worldwide anger over the systemic oppression that has been hurting the Black community for generations. I cannot ignore this and I will speak up. I have been reflecting on the reality of my own place in this life and I can recognize how my privilege and my heart can work together towards change. I feel lucky to work with a team that can participate in these conversations outwardly and naturally because BREDA has become a platform that first and foremost supports self-expression and in a very real way, it has become a big part of the way I express myself personally. What I want to say is that ‘business as usual’ demands a new feeling and format. The important thing is that we continue to be open and listen to each other between community and company. While we are a team, a brand, a company—we are all first humans. We live in our own vibrant moments and carry the weight of sorrow in our lives in many different ways. And right now is a time that we can both keep each other accountable and support each other. 

This is where the world stands. A living, breathing space of hopeful and prolonged accountability, inevitable judgment, guilt, empathy, sympathy. A world ready for change. What we can do is face all of this life together, to communicate, to realize, to build even better practices, and to make a real impact now and for the future. We can lead by example and I know for our team at BREDA, we will continue to make decisions that celebrate humanity and fight for equality. Both internally and externally, BREDA is a space where we can express our ideas based on emotion and experience. And the diversity found in each of our experiences is the most valuable part of this team and this community.

I know we are also prepared to listen and absorb any criticism or suggestions we receive from you — that’s what this time is about. Relying on the community to keep accountability, having uncomfortable conversations, correcting missteps, and making this world a better place, together.

Sending love and strength.

 - Kendall Nickoliné Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA