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Voices of Change with Herrana Addisu

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Voices of Change with Herrana Addisu

Posted on 06/19/23

In recognition of Juneteenth, we are highlighting an incredible individual whose mission is to bringing about positive changes within our communities and "to uplift marginalized communities through advocacy initiatives, research, and programming." Herrana Addisu is an advocate for real change across all of her platforms.

Herrana incorporates her expertise in various human rights issues into her artistry through creative direction and modeling. She most recently launched Chucha Studios LLC, a creative production agency that aims to reduce social disparities within marginalized communities by connecting the art of visual storytelling with systemic change.

"Welcome Home" by Kendall Bassent

"Our Block" by Josef Adamu

Herrana also currently serves as a coordinator for the United Nations Global Compact, supporting implementation of the SDG Accelerator Programme to embed SDG-aligned practices deep into business operations and across the value chain to accelerate progress and impact for the 2030 agenda.