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Flow State with BOND Hardware

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Flow State with BOND Hardware

Posted on 05/31/23

To bring the BREDA Flow State series to a close, we connected with New York-based creative director, designer, and stylist Dana Hurwitz. Dana shares her motivations, advice for other creatives, and the story of how an experimental project gave birth to her sustainable jewelry and accessory line, BOND Hardware.

What motivates you to create?

Creating has always been a fun form of experimenting, play and dress up. Adorning the body to make my outside look how my inside feels has helped me curate my identity and attract likeminded people. Since the things I wanted to adorn my body with didn’t already exist, I made them. As I got older this process also began to extend to spaces and objects and spaces. Creation for affirmation.

Describe the journey of your brand's transition from an experimental project to a business.

Starting the brand while I was still in art school, before 3D printing and sustainability technology evolved to where it is now - was definitely an experiment. Sometimes at BOND we learn the hard way, but that experimental core is what keeps it fun. When I learn a new tool it opens up a whole new space and process for creativity. For example, when I learned water jet cutting it allowed me to work with larger scale thicker pieces of metal and stone so that’s when i made the furniture + sculpture collection. Always learning and continuing to transition, getting closer to final form all the time.

As a designer, how do you find your flow state?

Being in or near water is key to my mental health. A core love for water is really the motivation behind all my sustainability efforts. Taking care of the body to sustain the body of work while preserving our bodies of water is the ultimate goal. Besides beelining to water, quality time with inspiring people, pets, cooking doing yoga, training with weights, surfing anything to stay active and a part of nature helps the natural flow of ideas.

What are some aspects of your daily lifestyle that directly inform your creative work?

Living in New York City and the industrial spaces I work in always give me ideas, also observing the art around us from people watching to seeing other exhibitions definitely informs.

Is there a category you hope to expand your work into?

Watches definitely, also bridal, I’d like to do some very queer and no traditional commitment pieces. always wanted to design a car. And I’d like to make tools - it’s nice to be a conduit for other peoples creativity.

What advice can you give to other creatives looking to intertwine their creative endeavors with business?

Enjoy the process and build community - learning by doing and human connection are what’s real and meaningful.

Do you have any exciting new projects on the horizon that you can tell us about?

Excited to keep iterating on my piercing collection - I have some experimental piercing designs that will make the body jewelry even more customizable and personal feeling. It’s been a really beautiful experience helping people feel at home in their own skin.

Images by Anthony Falcon