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Pride and Purpose

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Pride and Purpose

Posted on 06/21/23

For Pride Month, we're spotlighting an organization that is making a true impact within the LGBTQ+ community in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Hope Charities is an independent 501(c)(3) public charity organization that aims to care for those in need throughout our social community, geographical community, and beyond.

How has the Dallas Hope Center been effective in helping LGBTQ-focused homeless youth transition to stable living conditions? Can you share any success stories?

Since the development of Dallas Hope Charities and our Hope Center we've been able to assist over 60 young adults by providing a welcoming home and resource for them to learn how to successfully live an independent life. Resident's who have successfully transitioned to independent living have started their own web development companies, pursued careers in aviation, and are continuing to advocate for the homeless young adult population. You can find a number of resident stories here.

Can you provide more details about the "Hopeful Discussions" series? What topics have been addressed, and what impact has it had so far in reducing homophobia?

Hopeful Discussions is a Dallas Hope Charities initiative that seeks to make North Texas more equitable for all by increasing community understanding of LGBTQ+ concepts and issues. Our trained workshop facilitators create “brave spaces” where community members can contextualize LGBTQ+ identities and history, discuss ways to break harmful habits and review best practices to better support LGBTQ+ individuals. Each workshop has been carefully crafted through hours of research and feedback from our community partners to provide educational opportunities that are both impactful and engaging. Hopeful Discussions workshops have been designed with community organizations and support staff, working professionals, parents and caregivers, and individuals in mind.

1. Intro to LGBTQ+ Allyship

Want to be an ally to LGBTQ+ folks but don’t know where to start? This workshop will help you expand your general understanding of LGBTQ+ identities and concepts. Once that information has been contextualized, we will share basic ways that you can effectively support and advocate for LGBTQ+ people as an ally.

2. Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

A review of LGBTQ+ identities and concepts, learn how to navigate the coming out conversation, and learn basic ways to support LGBTQ+ youth as they work to discover their identity. Designed for parents, caretakers, and other adults who regularly work or interact with youth.

3. Creating Inclusive Workspaces

Failing to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workspace can negatively impact your organization’s productivity, financial stability, and reputation. In this workshop, you will learn some starting points to create an inclusive workspace that is welcoming to all. This workshop was designed with community leaders, managers, and business owners in mind.

What are some ways individuals can get involved with Dallas Hope Charities, either through volunteering or donations? How does this support impact the organization and the people you serve?

Donate Hope and become a Hope Hero at this link.
 Help End Hopelessness™ in the greater Dallas LGBTQIA+ community caused by family rejection, homelessness, & miseducation. Every gift of any amount provides affirmation and acceptance to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Volunteer your time as a Hope Dealer. 
Our team of volunteers provides hope during our annual Topgolf fundraiser, concerts, Pride events, and more. As a staff of 4, our community volunteers are the backbone to our organization.

Shop For Hope. 
From Worthy Bags to Amazon Wishlists and beyond, shop all our lists including resident curated lists based on their needs and wants. Are you a business that is looking to spend a percentage of your profit towards making a difference? Email:

Upcoming opportunities with Dallas Hope Charities: