Pay Over Time With Klarna

Time moves furiously forward without our control. One thing I do know is that time has the ability to heal, to rebuild and to allow growth. While 2020 was an incredibly trying year and uncertainty still remains ahead, we will continue moving onward and digging deeper.

I am just so thankful for our beautiful and blooming BREDA community, we couldn’t have done this year without you and I want you all to know how much your continued support is appreciated. Every touchpoint you have with us helps us to further define our path forward and how we can continue making better products and better experiences for all of us to share. Thank you for inspiring us.

And our BREDA team—I can hardly even express the gratitude I have to work with such an incredibly talented, resilient, kind and dedicated group of individuals. We are a small force here at BREDA, many of us wearing multiple hats, always supporting each other to keep this brand and community moving forward as we challenge ourselves to always be better. I am endlessly thankful to share these moments of growth together.


As we further evolve and define our path onward, we are growing with intention to make an impact. We remain committed to creating accessible, high quality timepieces that adapt to your personal style and can live in your life as staple pieces for years to come.

2020 became a space to reflect, fully realize our purpose and lay the groundwork for a more environmentally and socially responsible brand. Here are some of the initiatives we’ve been focused on and remain committed to taking impactful strides towards in 2021.


1. Growing in Vision

In September 2020, we chose to drop gendered language from the brand by way of our communities journey through all of our BREDA channels. As our vision is focused in ‘timeless self-expression’, we are taking bigger steps to stand as advocates for individuality and celebrating ever-evolving personal style through every project and personality we work with.

2. Shifting Consciousness 

Focus in reducing our environmental footprint by prioritizing use of recycled and recyclable materials wherever we can in our products, packaging and operational processes. 

3. Better Together

Continuing to work with more diverse, talented, expressive humans and brands to bring forth a new variety of products and experiences driven with purpose and impact.

4. Giving Back

Contributing to even more projects and people that are making the world a better place by way of giving back through BREDA proceeds and profits.

5. Come as You Are

Building a new layer of the brand that will be dedicated to the creative and the community. We’re working on a new project within BREDA that is dialogue driven, editorially guided, collective supported and created to build safe spaces both online and (eventually) offline. Excited to share more on this in the coming months!


While some of these initiatives already live through BREDA and some will see their beginnings this year, it takes time for big dreams to become fully realized. We can’t wait to show you what we have in the works and we’re excited to share this journey with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Sending big love and optimistic energy as we all enter this new year.



Kendall Falcon

Creative Director — BREDA