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Entering a vacationed state of mind with our Creative Director, Kendall Falcon, as we explore the Jane collection from its conception. A BREDA staple and forever favorite timepiece.



The creation of the Jane and watching the life it has had so far is particularly close to my heart. It’s the first timepiece I created as I stepped into the role of Creative Director here. I was most inspired by some of my travels at that time. I had visited Italy for the first time and completely fell in love. The last leg of my trip I stayed in a beautiful small town off the Amalfi coast called Massa Lubrense. A place so picturesque, Incredibly quiet, equipped with only a beautiful community and the necessities: A grocery market with local produce, a convenience shop to get things like coffee and tobacco, a small marina for boat travel to nearby destinations like Capri and Positano, and finally, the most perfect restaurant called Angelos at the top of the hill, run by Angelo and his wife and three daughters. A place the town and visitors gathered and shared stories and songs and vino and pasta, all framed by the most beautiful sunset unfolding just over the Tyrrhenian Sea every evening.



One morning I rose with the sun and brought a lounge chair at the rocks by the edge of the sea. Wishing I could stay right there for maybe ever, I took a nice swim, watched fisherman pull up nets of fresh mussels catching the sun on the mother of pearl and goggled-eyed children swim with the fish in the purest blue water. I laid in the sun for hours and a beautiful woman joined me. She looked as if she’d spent everyday of her life in this spot, tanned olive skin, muscular, wearing a white linen kaftan atop a classic black plunge-neckline one piece swimsuit, a gold Italian medallion necklace (similar to the one I was wearing and obtained for myself earlier that trip at a Roman flea market.) She fit in so seamlessly with the landscape. I observed her climb down the rocks and into the sea for a quick dip, I couldn’t really pin what age she might be, I thought to myself she might be 60, and my next thought was that she had a much easier time gracefully climbing those rocks than I did. She made her way out the water and approached me. Speaking Italian, she asked me my name and another set of words I didn’t quite understand. Fumbling with the little Italian I knew, I told her my name and asked for hers. She smiled and responded, ‘Oh I see you are American. My name is Jane, nice to meet you Kendall.’ We spoke for maybe an hour and I learned that she was in fact 78 years old. Her mother was Italian and her Father was American. She grew up spending summers in this town, now spending most of her time between Rome and New York, she still spends her summers here in her childhood home at the top of the hill. We didn’t speak of work, only of family, language, community, fashion and travel. I admired everything I observed about her, and knew this was a special moment I’d cherish.




In my return, I wanted to bring the feeling of that lifestyle home with me. That maybe this feeling doesn’t have to only exist within the bounds of destination or the travel itself, but this sort of universal feeling of vacation that exists in escape, discovery and return. The imagined version of a perfect getaway or a vacationed state of mind. There’s this layer that allows you to indulge in the finer things, knowing this experience is limited to time and that you’ll eventually have to step back into reality. I began exercising a new perspective. Taking a slower and more gentle approach to my days, feeling more connected to the natural world around me, allowing myself more small indulgences and applying that to everyday life. I wanted to embody this format of time spent in a vacationed state within a timepiece. Pulling in all of those elements to create a piece that fits seamlessly in an imagined and idyllic setting—that has you coveting that boat trip just off the Amalfi coast wearing silks and linens, layered in jewelry lit by the sun and wet skin atop warm cream leather seats.




In choosing the name ‘Jane’ - I thought back to my Massa Lubrense, Jane, and this sort of archetype that would embrace a timepiece of this figure and form. Something strong and timeless with a sense of ease, exploration and a touch of feminine energy. To create the world of Jane through imagery, I took to idyllic scenes and timeless style found in some of my favorite films such as Io sono l'amore (I am Love) by Luca Guadagnino, where every moment feels elusively seductive and awakening, and photographs by Slim Aarons of humans in beautiful scenes indulging in post-activity leisure. There was a desire to achieve this balancing act between uncomplicated calmness, effortless elegance and to live in those moments as long as we can. The Jane has become so beloved, a legacy timepiece for BREDA we’re proud of and so delighted we get to share with you. My only hope is that you feel some sense of this story when you place the Jane atop your wrist and as it travels with you day by day. A reminder to slow down and take a deep breath, to connect and celebrate the natural world around you, to be gentle with your days and allow yourself indulgence wherever you can.


With love,

Kendall Falcon,
Creative Director, BREDA