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Originally named after a professional soccer club in the Netherlands, BREDA Watches is giving new meaning to their name while embracing their Dallas, TX roots. With the 2018 World Cup finally here, we worked on our first ever apparel collaboration in partnership with Dallas-based lifestyle apparel brand By Way of Dallas. With a shared vision of community and design, the end result of the collab is the production of a soccer jersey.

Hance Taplin is the founder and designer behind lifestyle apparel brand By Way of Dallas. By Way of Dallas has created a reflection of the Dallas culture with authentic visual stories and original goods.

“Since BREDA was founded, I always wanted to share the roots of the brand name. It fell into place perfectly after Hance and I had a conversation about wanting to release a soccer jersey. I have always respected the work he’s done for By Way of Dallas. I knew working with him would result in a beautifully designed jersey and connect BREDA to the Dallas community in a unique way. The World Cup felt like the right time to release it. During the 4 weeks of the tournament people really get to feel what makes soccer such a special sport.”

It was such an inspiring and fun experience collaborating with Hance on this project. The jersey, available in limited quantities online only, combing the concept of a “home” and “away” jersey in one — features notable Dallas motifs such as a Pegasus-inspired badge and the 214 area code for the jersey number.