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Hello and happy new year! My name is Kendall Falcon, and while I’m not new to BREDA, I am humbled, grateful and filled with energy to be the newly appointed Creative Director. I’d like to take a quick moment to tell you a bit about myself, my journey and the plans I have for the brand beginning in 2019.
My journey with BREDA actually began a few years ago, before I had any idea I would become a part of this company. I was featured in the Unbound campaign where BREDA interviewed local Dallas creatives in their workspaces. I had recently released the first collection for my sustainable womenswear label, Clan of Cro and they set up a visit. A few team members came to my studio where I walked them through my work, let them into my process and spoke about my vision. As the day went on I realized more and more that our brand principles were really one in the same — to create high quality pieces, use forward thinking design methods and most importantly present our customer with an accessible price point. We found a parallel focus in our mission, to create products within reach without sacrificing standards for ethical practices and pieces that are truly special. The connection I made with the BREDA brand that day was impactful and I knew I wanted to work with this team in some form in the future.
Now I have been with the company for two years, I’m so excited to fuse my point of view with the BREDA identity. What you can expect to see going forward is more collaboration more expression and more storytelling. My work is truly characterized by emotion, I continue to seek ideas that bring people together and find comfort in making connections in a real human way. This is what what makes the design process of a timepiece so fulfilling — to me, It’s about creating with the intention and hope that each piece will collect stories and live a long life. Our Spring 2019 collection touches on these ideas. It will be the first under my direction and I can’t wait to share it with you all in February.
And to a close, I have fallen in love with this team and this brand. My excitement steadily continues to grow with the plans we are making for the future of BREDA. Cheers to 2019 being the best yet.
Kendall Falcon
Creative Director