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Hi friends,
A new goal of mine for 2019 and beyond is to provide a closer look at BREDA from a more personal point of view and create conversation within our creative community. One way I plan on doing this is to write a regular monthly letter to you all. I hope to bring you into my process and provide a unique point of view on BREDA and how our brand lives from the inside out.
I’m going to start by telling you about one project I have been working on over recent months here at the studio. I applied our core brand values to make our workspace more organized, functional and overall enjoyable for our team. Environment is something that has always been of high importance to me, both in work and in home. I find it vital to keep surroundings that reflect intention and a pure approach to each day.


Aspire to inspire
A team is family
Think in forward motion
Always simplify
Anchored in originality

For me, every plan starts by evaluating my environment and looking at how it can support ideas, growth and day to day productivity. Before making any major moves in the studio I first looked to our brand values and imagined how to incorporate those into our space. We like to keep things bright around here, open spaces that breathe and reflect light. We started with a fresh coat of white paint on both the interior and exterior walls — a clean slate, indeed.
One thing I noticed that we really needed as a team was more surface area and more designated spaces to gather. There were specific items that came to mind to achieve this while also reflecting the BREDA brand, so we went custom. We worked closely with Gaston Made, a Dallas-based lifestyle brand owned by husband and wife team, Alex and Emily (some of the sweetest people you will ever meet). They create beautiful handmade home goods along with custom furniture and it felt only natural to ask if they would help us achieve our vision for the studio. Gaston Made built out two extra-large work tables for our design team to spread out and review, a custom display shelf for our ‘laid-back’ area to keep our books and magazines, and a new kitchen corner install giving us more storage to clear excess.
Ultimately, our space now reflects much of what our products stand for. Focused on simplicity so that in turn, our unique team can all equally adapt to and enjoy the space in which we spend much of our time working, creating and growing together.
Creative Director, BREDA

PS: Would love to hear your thoughts on how you approach your environment. If you also have ideas, topics or stories you’d like me to expand on in these letters, please do share! DM me @sheiscro or @bredastudio