Spring 2019 Collection

Spring 2019 Collection

A new origin.

The BREDA Spring 2019 collection takes a modern approach to classic characteristics, an ode to the items that travel through generations while making way for new pieces to be cherished. The Kinship collection is meant to evoke the quality and sentiment of the heirloom, allowing us to feel connected to another time.

The Virgil

The Eva

The Visser (Metal)

The Esther

Collection Statement

"In a time where the world often feels disconnected or divided, I continue to seek ideas that bring people together and find comfort in making connections in a real human way. When exploring the concept for this collection I wanted to show uncomplicated love within friendship, within family. As it can be difficult to find a comfortable place and a clear voice in such a rapidly changing environment, I wanted to speak to the things that help us navigate what truly matters underneath all of the chaos. The little reminders we live with - a shared curl of a smile I carry from my mom, the occasional cackle laugh adopted from aunt. Sometimes we find it in the items we hang on to, It’s a handkerchief that still holds the scent of perfume, the handwritten letters on thin leafy paper, the gold watch with soft worn leather. To me, the Kinship collection is an ode to the things that hold our history and our memories. Capturing an element or a feeling from the totems that tether and tie us to another time."

– Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA