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In light of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all of the mothers and those who embody care and kindness in all of our lives. Today we had the opportunity to speak with Kaitlyn Tru of @trufolk, and learn about her views on motherhood and how it has shaped her views on time.


What time were you born? What times were your children born? 

I was born at 12:40pm. Revel was born at 2:42am, River at 7:05am, and Roket at 4:12am.


What's one significant moment from your childhood that you’ve applied to motherhood? 

Hmm I remember my sister being born at home and my dad waking me to tell me to come see her for the first time. That love of a sibling is what I want to give my children.




Describe motherhood in your own words. 

Beautifully tiring, frightening, and rewarding.


How has becoming a mother changed the way you think about time? 

Each day is long and each year is short :(. Being present in each moment and milestone is precious.




What is the most challenging part of motherhood?

Seeing your children in pain.


What is the most rewarding part of motherhood?

Seeing your children in pure joy.