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Mother Made with Carrie Londonexplore our interview below as we speak intimately with Carrie about her views on motherhood and how it speaks to time. From challenges, to rewards and everything in between, Carrie shares her favorite moments of motherhood with BREDA.


What time were you born? What time was your child/children born?

I was born at 7:11AM

My daughter was born at 2:39PM

My son was born at 9:13AM


What's one significant moment from your childhood that you’ve applied to motherhood?

Always remember to celebrate the little moments and spend quality time together. My mom was always really good at celebrating life’s little moments and adding her personal touch to things to make them special. She was so creative in everything she did and always brought all of us together as a family. For birthday parties she would make everything from my dress to the cake, and even the piñata. I remember feeling special and loved having all of our family around. So many things can be bought, but quality time, togetherness, and creativity cannot. It is those moments that I remember the most and have impacted me. I want my children to remember me in the same way.




Describe motherhood in your own words.

Motherhood is empowering. I have never felt more decisive and sure of what I want in life and of who I am. Motherhood gives you the strength to move forward through sleepless nights, the longest of days, and the isolating times. You also learn to appreciate your parents even more for everything that they went through for you.


How has becoming a mother changed the way you think about time?

Time has never been more important. The weeks go by so fast, but there are not enough hours in the day. Motherhood has definitely made me more intentional with my time. You really only have enough time to accomplish what you intend to.




What is the most challenging part of motherhood?

Motherhood is life-changing and can be so isolating in the early days. You become a new person and dealing with all of the change while caring for a tiny human is so challenging. You have to adapt and find your new self. As time goes by it changes, though, right now my biggest challenge is brushing my toddler’s teeth before bed.


What is the most rewarding part of motherhood?

There is nothing more rewarding than the love filled tiny grin your child gives you at the end of a very long day. It is also a blessing to be able to experience the world through their eyes and to see the joy it brings them.