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A letter from our Creative Director.
We know it’s a crazy time right now, and we’re all feeling it. With the weight of the world finding itself even heavier, we just wanted to check-in, see how you’re doing and offer a little optimism in a sea of COVID-19 updates.

It is so important to make time for your mental health and for each other. You are a part of our community — one that is creative, spirited and versatile. Let’s use these strengths to support and take care of each other during this time.

The world is experiencing a major change, and you will see some changes from us too as we navigate our new normal and brace ourselves for harder times ahead. What we can promise you is what we always have, to continue building a collaborative community and providing a platform to tell stories of passionate creators. All we can do is our best. Let’s come together in showing kindness, discovering resilience and finding strength in our communities.

Our small team is lucky enough to work safely from home and squeeze into one Skype screen. We know not everyone is so lucky and we will be taking steps in the coming weeks to show support in our community and for independent artists.

For our team’s first step, we discussed some of our own actions we’ll be taking to stay healthy and connected during this time.

Check-in on friends and family.
A kind message goes a long way.

Get to that thing you never have time for.
This could be a personal project or something as simple as spring cleaning.

Support small businesses and your community.
Shopping at a time like this may seem frivolous, but the health of independent brands and businesses need the support to stay afloat. If you’re able to, purchase gift cards from your favorite brick and mortar shops and restaurants so they have more revenue now for the weeks and months to come. Also, check with your local grocery stores to see if they will prepare for pickup or deliver to you before purchasing online.

Keep your body moving.
Take regular walks throughout the day, play with your pets or follow along at home workout streaming services. Highly recommend Modo Yoga NYC - they are streaming free classes on Instagram but accepting donations. Please donate what you can to support their instructors!

Digital hangouts.
You don’t have to be in the same room with each other, get creative and digitally hang with your friends. Share wine and cheese over FaceTime or Play board games like WNRS to connect on a deeper level.

Keep your hands busy.
It’s beautiful what boredom can create. Challenge yourself to learn new skills!

Keep your head up.
We know you’re worried about your futures and your families. We feel it, too. Let’s do our best to hold onto optimism and practice empathy in this wild time.