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We sat down with couple Jamie and Brocke Lyons. While Jamie is a stylist and Brocke a photographer, it’s no surprise that they have a polished vision and a strong edit when it comes to personal style. 



In the Lyons Dallas home you’ll find not an object out of place or a piece without a purpose. The minimalist couple share the principle of bringing things into their home and wardrobe only if it will provide true value to their lives. A process of very refined consideration. We discussed their approach to selection, wardrobe philosophy and embracing a minimalist lifestyle.




What does an average weekend look like at the Lyons house?
Jamie & Brocke: We wake up and normally go out to breakfast to get coffee and avocado toast at Local nearby or a new favorite spot, Tribal, that just opened up. We see a movie almost every weekend, we like to go early and see the first showing on a Saturday. 

When you first wake up and it’s sunday morning, how do you go about getting ready for the day?
Jamie: I like to get up early, get dressed and go through emails, get my day started. I like to get all of that out of the way before I do any leisure activities like going to grab a coffee or some lunch.
Brocke: On Sunday’s I get up early to go cycling. Mountain bike or road bike. 

How do you approach putting together an ensemble?
Brocke: It’s based a lot on the weather.
Jamie: Definitely by mood. I don’t plan what i’m going to wear the night before I just go to my closet and decide what feels good in the moment. Sometimes I wish I dressed for the weather more. I walk out in 30 degree weather with bare ankles more than I should.

You only wear neutrals. How long has this been a part of your wardrobe philosophy and how did this come about?
Jamie: It’s been about 6 or 7 years now, right before we moved in together after college. I think it had a lot to with being able to invest a little more in wardrobe and just gravitating towards the same things. 

How would you say that becoming minimalists has altered your selection and tossing out process?
Jamie: I think a lot more about it than we used to. I keep a running list of what I feel like my wardrobe is missing and I try to only shop off of that.
Jamie & Brocke: Everything we bring into the house gets a great deal of thought.
Brocke: We’re always editing, but we’ve actually traded spring cleaning for fall cleaning. In fall it’s nice to have a clean space and get ready for the holidays.
Jamie: Fall cleaning is the new spring cleaning.