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Groove on Film

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Groove on Film

Posted on 05/14/23

Through the lens of the Creative Director, Helen Jade offers a personal view into BREDA's newest Summer 2023 Collection, Groove.

Hello! My name is Helen Jade, and I am thrilled to join BREDA as the Creative Director. Although we haven't had a formal introduction, I would like to take this opportunity to provide some more insight into our Summer 2023 Groove Campaign from my perspective. As a passionate photographer, I'm eager to share a personal layer of this campaign through a medium that holds a special place in my heart.

I want to present this unique roll of film, which captures the delightful surprises hidden within the images. The pictures exhibit a luminous quality and a gentle gaze that conjures a sense of meditative playfulness. Ethereal human silhouettes dance just beyond the grasp of conscious memory, creating a striking contrast with some of the more sharply defined images.

Vibrant splashes of color enhance the warm, dreamy ambiance, enveloping the viewer in a serene glow. The serendipitous essence of this film roll offers a refreshing departure from the conscious precision of the Groove campaign's more controlled work. This collection of free-form imagery breaks away from convention, inviting the viewer to bask in the sunlight and embrace playfulness.

I am profoundly honored and enthusiastic about stepping into my new role at BREDA. I aim to continue cultivating an inclusive space where everyone can feel seen, heard and celebrated through a dynamic, ever-evolving medium. Looking forward to all that will become in this vibrant world of BREDA.

Helen Jade
Creative Director, BREDA