Summer 2022

Introducing Tethered - The BREDA Summer 2022 Collection emphasizes the idea that the items we choose to bring into our lives and share with our bodies become not only a medium for intentional and outward impression, but as tools to guide and protect our self-expression.

Shared Memories Intertwined

We welcome four new timepieces within the beloved Jane and Revel families. In a time where the world often feels disconnected or divided, the Tethered Collection represents a shield and a voice created for its companion—a daily reminder of our human connection and our shared memories intertwined, endlessly collapsing together.

Jane (Tethered)

Created in both Silver and Gold, the Jane (Tethered) carries a delicate 23mm oval case, mother of pearl dial and a tapered woven mesh bracelet that fastens with a quick release clasp.

Revel (Tethered)

Created in both Silver and Gold, the Revel (Tethered) carries a petite 18mm squared case with a delicate buckle feature and a woven mesh bracelet that fastens with a quick release clasp.

"In a time where a lot of the world often feels disconnected, damaged or divided, I continue to seek ideas that bring people together and find comfort in making connections in a real human way. It can be challenging to find a comfortable place and a clear voice in this rapidly changing world we all share. In working through the concept for this collection I wanted to explore body confidence, self discovery and personal identity. I wanted to speak to the things that help us navigate where true value lies underneath all of the chaos, the little reminders we live with and the items we choose to share with our bodies. To me, the Tethered collection is an ode to the things that hold our history and our memories, capturing a feeling from the bits and pieces that tether and tie us to another time."

Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA


Product Design: Efrain Villa
Creative Direction: Kendall Falcon
Photography: Kalan Briggs
Art Direction - Photo & Video: Corrina Mackinnon
Styling: Ruben Burgess
Producer & Film Photography: Helen Jade Shedd
Art Direction - Digital & Design: Zacree Cobos
Graphic Design: Gema Itzel
Beauty: Will Metivier
Talent: Aria, Mycky & Nic (New Pandemics)