Holiday 2020

Holiday 2020


This Holiday season, we’re focusing on the idea of origin in tradition. Embracing the former memories for safekeeping and welcoming new standards of celebration.

It’s been a very long year, and it’s no secret that the holidays feel a little upside down this season.

And while we’re making the time to appreciate holiday memories we hold dear—

We’re letting go of expectations and welcoming new standards of celebration.

By embracing the little joys.

Rearranging and reflecting.

And discovering growth and comfort where we can.

We always try to keep things bright, but we can likely all join in telling 2020, kindly, we’re glad we won’t meet again.

"It felt right to end the year with a campaign like this, shot through my lens at home—much the way I’ve spent the entire year. This year was heavy. And with the end in sight, it still doesn’t hold the release we’ve all been seeking or hoping for. But with the remaining days ahead of us, before entering another unpredictable year, let’s allow ourselves to feel all of it. To hold compassion close, acknowledge resilience, celebrate transformation and to give when we can. While finding some joy and ways to indulge in the time left, I’m looking onward to a new year focused in unity, optimism and laying the ground work for a more compassionate and realized humanity in 2021."

Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA