Love Letters

BREDA × Desktop Girl

Love Letters

BREDA × Desktop Girl

Raysa Fontana is Desktop Girl

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate and share the many forms of love with this exclusive postcard by Brazilian illustrator, Raysa Fontana, also known on Instagram as Desktop Girl.

Raysa uses the Japanese aesthetic approach called wabi-sabi, a concept she tries to translate into her drawings. It consists of finding beauty in imperfection, economy, and simplicity.

Raysa Reveals Her Thoughts on Love

1. Do you think love can save the world?

I believe education, commitment, and effort can reduce suffering in the world. I also believe those things must come from a place of love for life, nature, and others.

2. Do you give love freely or cautiously?

I give love freely and choose where to put my energy cautiously.

3. What is the most valuable thing you learned with your first love?

It can take more than one, two, three “loves” to really learn something valuable. I mean, sometimes we’re just insisting on the same mistakes over and over again.

4. In terms of expression, what ways do you use your personal style to communicate?

I like to use simple lines to express the subtle beauty of everyday things.

5. Where do you find or look for inspiration?

I find out the best way for me to find inspiration is to do activities I enjoy, keep my heart open, don’t rush, and let things and emotions move freely. If I’m pushing it, I’m hardly ever satisfied with the results.

Join the Love Letters Campaign

For Valentine’s Day this year, BREDA will be celebrating and sharing the many forms of love that we all experience throughout our daily lives. This campaign is about gathering and showing all that love that we can find. We encourage you to submit a love letter of any kind or sign of love. It can be sweet handwritten love letters, silly messages in the form of DMs or text screenshots, or a photo of any love you see around you on the streets or at home. We hope to gather and share how love can be communicated and perceived in any form.


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