Love Languages

with I Scream Colour

Love Languages

with I Scream Colour

Humberto Cruz is I Scream Colour

On Valentine’s Day this year, we’re taking a deeper look into one of the purest forms of self-expression, love. Whatever your language of love is, love hard with this exclusive postcard by San Diego based artist, Humberto Cruz, better known as I Scream Colour.

Humberto’s bubbly aesthetic references moments in pop culture and influences from the fashion industry. His love of color comes through in his spontaneous, fun, and quirky works of art.

Humberto and His Thoughts on Love

What is you love language? How do you communicate your love to others? What is love to you?

My love language is something essential in my life, can’t live without it! Not only that kind of love, but love towards nature, my family and friends. Love is what makes me feel alive and at peace, and it’s always there. Love is free.

What is the most valuable thing you learned from your first love?

From my first love I learned to be more patient. That’s necessary in a relationship.

Describe what love looks like to you?

Love to me looks infinite. Even though things don’t last forever 😞
Let’s just pretend, LIVE! and just enjoy each moment.

Do you think love can save the world?

Love is the most amazing feeling in the world and that’s why I believe it can save the world.

Do you love freely or cautiously?

Freely! Because it makes me feel good.

Where do you look for or draw inspiration for your work?

I look at different things. It’s a combination of what I’m feeling at the moment (it can be love, anxiety, etc..) and things from the past. I get inspired by my childhood memories and that’s why I think my work is very colorful.