Spring 2023

Spring 2023

Spring 2022

Introducing Jane (Elemental) - For Spring 2022, BREDA presents an expansion of the Jane collection, inspired by a vacationed state of mind. Focused in escape, discovery and return, the Jane (Elemental) explores the connection between earth and imagination. A reflection of a dreamlike memory suspended in time.

Grounding Dreamscape

We welcome two new timepieces to the BREDA Jane Collection and our first to house genuine stone dials, made from Jasper & Specularite. Both stones representing a balance of yin and yang, bringing a sense of grounding inner peace and imagination simulating energy.


Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It sustains strength and supports through times of stress and hardship, bringing a sense of tranquility and wholeness. Providing protection and absorbing negative energy, Jasper balances yin and yang, stimulating the imagination and transforming ideas into actions.


Specularite (Specular Hematite) transforms negativity into loving energy. It’s particularly useful during healing while it assists mental functioning, memory and development. Specularite balances the meridians and yin yang energies—boosting confidence and self worth, while calming the mind and instilling a deep inner peace.

"The concept for Elemental mostly emerged from a universal longing for balance. With the rapidly changing world around us, there’s a desire for both escapism and a need for solid ground, a sturdy foundation.

The two stone timepieces represent that balance. A yin and yang, instilling a deep inner peace and imagination simulating energy. The Jasper is grounding, rich and earthy, while the Specularite feels like carrying a tiny galaxy, reaching boundlessly inward and outward. Bending light, bending time. A duality achieving the middle ground between a mind above the clouds and feet planted firmly in the Earth.

Elemental is about being human, inspired by natural beauty and the vastness of our collective imagination. Hoping to find harmony with the world we all share through self-examination and our connection with others, finding foundation within an endless dreamscape."

Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA


Product Design: Efrain Villa
Creative Direction: Kendall Falcon
Photography: Kalan Briggs
Art Direction - Photo & Video: Corrina Mackinnon
Styling: Ruben Burgess
Producer & Film Photography: Helen Jade Shedd
Art Direction - Digital & Design: Zacree Cobos
Graphic Design: Gema Itzel
Beauty: Will Metivier
Talent: Anvo & Saba (New Icon Agency)