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To celebrate the launch of our Jane Legacy campaign, we’ve linked up with artistic duo, Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova, known together as Synchrodogs. Just as our Jane timepiece conjures a vacationed state of mind, Synchrodogs’ work explores a dreamlike world between reverie and realism.

All images courtesy of the artists.



This exclusive poster, entitled Inner Garden, depicts humans’ ability to find balance and harmony in nature, via solitude and deep self examination.


Your work explores themes of escapism, pushing the boundaries of daily life and routine. How do you find or create moments of escape in your own lives?
We just can not imagine our lives without nature, this is where we find harmony and balance. So it is not that much about escapism as it is about reconnecting with nature over and over again to fuel our batteries, both while working or having rest.

What’s something you prioritize and make time for?
We always prioritize each other. As for work-rest balance we just go with the flow of life dealing with all the project that arise, and putting road trips to nature in between.

Inner Garden is a project born from your musings during Lockdown. How have you experienced the passage of time this past year, and how has this influenced your work?
Indeed one of the weirdest experiences in our life. First it was very frustrating loosing some extent of freedom, but then with time we found freedom of some other quality. Also we bought 4x4 car which made our life so much better, we started going to mountains almost every week, it became our personal capsule where we can spend time, go ‘for a walk’ even if it is raining for weeks.


Left: From WARP Records series
Right: From Inner Garden series


From Slightly Altered series


What’s the most challenging and rewarding part about working as a duo?
2 people can do more things indeed, can share responsibilities, and we have really a lot of them and sometimes think we should hire some more help. We do everything from creating ideas, working on settings and props, location search, production, to social media management and accounting. Basically our name Synchrodogs appeared as we have same ideas and vision that is somehow synchronized. We may have discussion concerning how to achieve this or that effect, and may have different logic about some aspects, but it only leads to best results, optimized and polished.


From Slightly Altered series


When does time pass fastest for you and when does time pass the slowest?
Fastest at summer time, slowest at winter.

What would you do if you had a few extra hours in a day?
Ohh those would be so helpful, we are afraid we would use them for work. In daily life we work quite a lot (both on commercial and personal projects), but we always put small trips in between, or spend some time to refresh after intense work, we can be even more productive with our personal projects if we extend the day. Now we are working a lot with video and cgi, art directing one project after another, it takes so much of our time, but it excites us as it can give more instruments than photography can, and we eventually work on truly surreal ideas.


From Inner Garden series


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