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Without a doubt, this wild time has brought on a lot of self-reflection and discovery. I have begun to reevaluate the way I use my time and how I approach every single day and I have learned a new level of significance in my environment and the objects that fill it. It is a time where we are all seeking what is essential and at first glance, the things around me just seem like things. Looking closely at all of my items and the space they occupy, I’m reminded that these are all extensions of who I am. They are a part of me as well as tools I use to express myself and to find comfort.

While being confined to this space I call home, there is still something powerful about putting on those special everyday pieces to hold onto a sense of normalcy and discovering a new way to experience them. On a slow Sunday morning, I worked on a series of images to capture some of my favorite BREDA timepieces among the objects in my space.