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Crafting Family Through Music with O2WORLDWIDE

Holiday 2023

Crafting Family Through Music with O2WORLDWIDE

Posted on 12/13/23

Celebrating the theme of Found Family, BREDA spotlights O2WORLDWIDE, a dynamic music collective from Oklahoma City. We trace how they transformed from a group of individual artists into a Found Family.

This holiday season, BREDA is focusing on Found Family, the familial-like bonds with individuals who are not related by blood, but rather connected through shared experiences, mutual support, and emotional ties, creating a sense of kinship and belonging based on choice rather than birth.

It is in the plains of Oklahoma, not far from Dallas, home to BREDA's headquarters, a distinctive music collective named O2WORLDWIDE is emerging. More than just an assembly of artists, it has evolved into a 'found family.' The collective was initiated by Ethan Wilson, known as The DarkskinRapper, a rapper and co-founder, and Bradley Ombachi, a fellow rapper, co-founder, and the primary producer, hailing from Edmond, a suburb of Oklahoma City. O2WORLDWIDE has grown to encompass up to fifteen varied talents, including songwriters and photographers, embodying the strength of friendship, diversity, and a united passion for music.

Oklahoma's under-the-radar music scene unexpectedly shaped the collective's sound. The lack of a set musical identity in the state proved to be a blessing, allowing O2WORLDWIDE to experiment and create a sound that was uniquely their own. Ombachi puts it, “Oklahoma definitely influences each one of our sounds for sure! Being from where we’re at there’s not really a set sound so we used that as an advantage to make something that we felt was different and new. And there’s not much to do in OK, so we were taking advantage of the time we had to make music.” Oklahoma, existing outside of musical dogma, lends itself to a growing population of creatives from the state looking to mark the sounds and sights for themselves.

The essence of O2WORLDWIDE is in its evolution from a group of friends to a closely-knit family. Ombachi reflects, "Just time spent together, we used to be at (his) house deep. But all that time spent together made this shit a group of brothers fr. We’ve traveled and done shows together, we hang out with each other, and some of us have even lived together. So, you can definitely say the bond is close." These shared experiences, from growing up together and touring on the road, have cemented their bond, creating a solid familial tie. This 'found family' thrives on a unique creative process where individuality and collaboration coexist. A simple instrumental loop or a catchy hook from one member can spark a creative chain reaction, leading to a rich tapestry of music that reflects each member's unique contribution-something that is easier to do when you know each other at a core level.

Members like Ombachii attribute their personal and artistic growth to the collective. "Being part of O2WORLDWIDE is a catalyst for growth. (The group) has provided me with a support system and gives me some friendly competition. If I see someone working on some heat, it inspires me to go harder, and I think many others in the group feel the same way," Ombachii shares. This environment of friendly competition and mutual support fosters continuous development. However, inevitably, disagreements will flare, and feelings will get hurt. Handling disagreements is part and parcel of life in a diverse group. Situations can get heated when your artistic voice and work are on the line. Ombachii answers how the group resolves conflicts and disagreements, " We just talk ‘em out and hear where we’re coming from; we’re adults."

At the heart of O2WORLDWIDE are the core values of creative freedom and self-expression. This ethos binds the group, ensuring members feel free to explore their creativity while feeling an integral part of the collective. Regular communication and a shared commitment to collective goals and individual authenticity keep the group interconnected.

Looking to the future, O2WORLDWIDE is committed to preserving the essence of their found family. "We aim to maintain our bond by continuing to create together and staying true to our collective vision," they state. This commitment is crucial as the group evolves, ensuring they remain a cohesive and impactful force in the music world.

Representing their individual and collective identities through their music is a cornerstone of O2WORLDWIDE's philosophy. "A strong sense of identity is something that people respect about their favorite artists, and we hold ourselves to that. Although we have diverse personalities, we unite to achieve common goals and foster a collaborative environment," they assert.

O2WORLDWIDE transcends the traditional boundaries of a music group. It’s a vibrant amalgamation of friendship, family, and creativity—a reminder of the extraordinary results when individuals unite under shared passions and respect for each other's uniqueness. Their journey is not solely about making music; it’s about creating a harmonious community that echoes the power of diversity and collaboration. O2WORLDWIDE also proves you don’t have to flutter to the coasts to prove your worth. Distinct regional sounds can only be made by those who stay and represent.

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Casper Sage - Artist/Producer
Daniel Thaddeus - Artist/Producer
davis miller - Graphic Designer
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