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In every country, city, and neighborhood, there’s a story to be told on Regeneration. After a period of stillness, we are asking ourselves how we’re going to emerge from this experience, and whether we have evolved, or even better, transformed into something greater than we were before.

Our Creative Director, Kendall @sheiscro, joins us on the Voices of Regeneration campaign. Kendall gives us a look into what Regeneration means for her. ‘Made of Mother’ is a short film surveying the inevitable and necessary change we face to activate self-progression and collective restoration. 



What have you learned about yourself during this time of self-reflection?
Kendall: I’ve learned that I’m still learning who I really want to be. I’ve realized that my purpose is something that will always be shapeshifting, however, I ultimately have control over that outcome. 

Looking ahead, how would you like to evolve or grow?
Kendall: My biggest fear is complacency and that can often drive me to a place of unrest. I’ve recognized my need to better respect my own passions, capability and time. That by valuing these as tools, I can dedicate more intention in every day that I take on. Looking at how every conversation, every project and every action I make can contribute to the lives of others as well as my own.

Where do you go to feel closest to yourself?
Kendall: Always in solitude, always outside and when I tap into a good writing space in any form. For a poem, a letter, a new concept for a project. Sometimes everything feels very peripheral—where I’m so close to understanding a feeling but it hasn’t come into focus yet. I’m closest to myself when that moment comes where my ideas are reaching me clearly and I’m able to communicate gently and honestly with myself.