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 The Visionaries project was paralleled with BREDA's collection, Phase. The watch receiving its name from the meticulously embossed quarter phases on the dial, Phase was purposefully crafted to evoke luxury. BREDA spent over a year on research and development to design the watch. We designated the name Phase to allude to a new era for the brand and hope to provide the same inspiration to those who wear the watch. 

  Inspiring creators and building a collaborative community are at the core of our mission and because this is an evolution for BREDA, we wanted to reach local creatives and start a dialogue about the different phases of creative careers and lifestyles.

See each of their interviews below.

Tramaine Townsend - Photographer & Visual Artist

Tramaine Townsend is a photographer, designer and visual artist. His works explore a minimal approach with calculated production and intensive design. He utilizes these subjects in various mediums for viewers to align it as an experience, one through simple and direct imagery. 

Rob Martinez - Filmmaker

All of Rob’s work is centered around the power of feeling. Since he began his filmmaking career, he has been drawn to the single most powerful aspect of film: the ability to create emotion through his work. The Dallas-based filmmaker often creates dramatic elements through dark, moody tones with an emphasis on the surreal.

Richard Ross - Creative Director

Richard Ross is a creative director with a wide range of talents and ambitions. He has a wonder for travel and an eye for space that continues to inspire. Richard’s forward-thinking imagination shows through his various works and is the reason why so many look to his vision for direction.

Matthew Brinston - Artist

Born and raised in Dallas, former alt-rock musician turned artist Matthew Brinston has shown new and recent works at the Dallas Observer’s Fifth Annual “Artopia”, South Side on Lamar’s Janette Kennedy Gallery, Oak Cliff’s contemporary galleries in the heart of the Bishop Arts District, The Ant Colony Gallery and The Misfit Gallery. Brinston’s paintings play with the use of color to explore value and contrast.

Joshua Fortuna - Photographer

Joshua Fortuna is creative across many fronts. His work ranges wide from lettering to filmmaking with plenty of overlap. Every project that he takes on is met with a passion to do and be better.

Jersean Golatt - Photographer

Born in San Francisco, CA, JerSean began his creative journey at the age of 14. Since then, he’s worked with companies and personalities alike in hope to give them a sense of direction and look and feel to their brand. After moving to Dallas in 2005, Golatt has diversified his skills by adding video production and photography to his arsenal.

Brandon Blue - Musician

Brandon Blue, better known as Blue the Misfit, is experimentally energetic in his music, but very vulnerable and relatable. Every track he creates and produces has its own identity and every song has its own dimension, pumping a new energy into the heart of Dallas with every performance.

Jeremy Biggers - Artist

Jeremy Biggers has been involved with image making his entire life - from pencil drawings to paintings to graphic design to photography to videography. He attended an art high school where he primarily focused on graphite and charcoal drawing. Upon entering college, he cultivated his love for painting and photography, and they’ve since cemented themselves in his everyday life. As with all artists, his work is a reflection of how he views the world. His goal with each piece is to inspire conversation; conversation within the viewer, or conversation among other viewers. His work is a mix between realism, and simplicity. While the bulk of his work deals with portraiture, he enjoys expression regardless of the subject matter.

Hance Taplin - Creative Director

‘Dallas is Dallas’ by Hance Taplin has given a new perspective to Dallas through his imagery and has connected local creatives with his ‘By Way of Dallas’ apparel.

View the Visionaries Videos here.