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A Letter from Kendall Falcon

Posted on 01/12/22

In the times that we're living in, nothing is more important than family and community. Time moves furiously forward without our control, but one thing I do know is that time has the ability to heal, to build and to allow for growth. As we've entered a new year, I want to let each of you know just how thankful I am for you, every team member, customer, partner, collaborator and member of this blooming community.

And to our BREDA team—we’ve grown and added a few more incredible people to the BREDA family over the past year. I can hardly even express the gratitude I have to work with such a wildly talented, resilient, kind and dedicated group of individuals. We are a small but mighty force here at BREDA, many of us wearing multiple hats, always supporting each other to keep this brand and community moving forward as we challenge ourselves to always be better. I am endlessly thankful to share these moments of growth together.

BREDA is focused on empowering those who take pleasure in our products. As a small, independent business, it brings so much joy to our hearts to see customers all around the world enjoying our timepieces. We’re so lucky to be a small part of your world, to grow with you, to share a piece of life that carries us from one pivotal moment to the next. We appreciate you wholeheartedly, as every touchpoint you have with us helps us to further define our path forward and how we can continue making better products and better experiences for all of us to share. Thank you for inspiring us and we're so excited to spread the love with you throughout 2022!

BREDA Recenter


The BREDA Recenter Project serves primarily in recognition of BREDA’s brand foundation, an ongoing work in progress with collaborative layers among our team. An annual check in acknowledging key points, progress made, areas of improvement and creating a space to hold accountability of our identity and the values that guide us.


For those that are new to the brand, and to those who have been along for the journey since day 1, I’d like to reintroduce who we are, a little bit about where we’re at and where we’re going.



Human, gentle, documentarian, vibrant, dialogue focused, playful, creator driven, kind, experimental, listening & community oriented, for us & for them.

BREDA Explores...


Self-expression, intimacy, vitality, horology, human connection, community building, history, creative education.

Mission: Making Time


We’re on a mission to make the most out of our time on this earth—we believe in pursuing progression and creating space for the things that bring real value into the world and to ourselves. Ultimately, BREDA aims to spark and encourage cultivated conversation while building a versatile and spirited community.

Vision: Timeless Self-Expression


With a vision anchored in timeless self-expression, we continually explore new ways to build upon our collaborative community and to share the stories of passionate creators. BREDA aims to form inclusive collections, collaborations, and conversations—celebrating ever-evolving individuality.

Road to Impact


As we further evolve and define our path onward, we are growing with intention to make an impact. We remain committed to creating accessible, high quality timepieces that adapt to your personal style and can live in your life as staple pieces for years to come.


2021 became a space to reflect, further realize our purpose and lay the groundwork for a more environmentally and socially responsible brand. Here are some of the initiatives we’ve been focused on and remain committed to taking impactful strides towards in 2022 and beyond.

Come as You Are: Inclusivity & Diversity


“We are all lives in other skins, furs, feathers, or scales, each with different kinds of Earth intelligence, all of making for one great whole.”


– Linda Hogan


We continue to work with diverse, expressive humans, brands and partners to bring forth products and experiences driven with purpose and impact. We stand as advocates for individuality and are shaped by our belief in inclusivity. And to truly stand for self-expression is to live outside the boundaries of binary. We do not use gendered language by way of our brand and our communities journey within all of our BREDA channels. We want to embrace whatever interaction you experience with BREDA and want anyone to feel at home here. We only desire for you to experience what we create as it pleases you, as it fits your form and your life.

Earthrise: Eco-Consciousness & Sustainability


We are committed to becoming better companions of our Earth & continuing to reduce our environmental footprint by prioritizing use of recycled, up-cycled and recyclable materials in our products, packaging and operational processes. In our ongoing efforts to support sustainability, our Play Collection is made from 100% recycled TR90 and Thermoplastic Polyurethane. In addition, every BREDA order is mindfully packaged using eco-friendly materials that are fully reusable or 100% recyclable. Every timepiece is packaged using 100% recycled paper materials, inclusive of our reusable microfiber pouch, perfect to gently clean or protect your timepiece when stored at home or traveling. Furthermore, our BREDA watch box is also reusable and repurpose-able. Great for storing and safekeeping of your timepiece, or the recycled paper insert can be removed by pull-up tabs to function as a jewelry case, to house your odds and ends or however you see fit.


Our goal in prioritizing the use of these materials, we are putting BREDA’s supply chain on an ecologically positive path for the future, one that contributes to a healthier environment for all of the earth’s inhabitants.

Humbly Humanitarian: Philanthropy & Social Responsibility


We continue to explore meaningful ways in which we can positively contribute to society and give back by donating BREDA proceeds and profits. We set out to work with people and partners in various realms of activism that are pushing to make the world a better place. With each big project we take on we, we layer in philanthropic efforts with a focus in community and creative education.


Some of the organizations we have partnered with:


NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness)

Building Black Bedstuy

Breaking Bread NYC

Black Lives Matter

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Texas Organizing Project Bail Out Fund



We’re so excited for all of the new collections, campaigns, collaborations and special projects we have planned for this year. One of the first in which I’m particularly antsy to reveal is our Spring 2022 collection and campaign. I can’t say too much just yet, but I’ll leave you with this peek and give you one hint. If you’re a lover of our Jane collection, be prepared to fall in love all over again.


Kendall Nickoliné Falcon

Creative Director, BREDA