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At the core of BREDA, we stand for timeless self-expression — to tell stories of passionate creators. We have worked with a dossier of creative individuals with unique perspective for our Fall 2019 campaign, LOCALE. This concept discusses places that hold special memories and have significant meaning to personal history.

An interview with Sean Brown on growth, the idea of home and the personal relationships shared between time and place.

My name is: Sean Brown

My hometown is: Toronto

I currently live in: Toronto

My favorite thing about my hometown: That I can still ask a total stranger for complete directions. Also the thrift stores and it's not up for debate.

I feel the influence of my hometown most when: Travelling.

Homebody or social butterfly: I can be both. Balance. Duality. Extraordinary-introvert.

My rituals at home are: Plant watering, folding clothes into perfect piles, and starting most days with Teebs' Boileroom set in London.

‘Home’ to me means: After running around the world, it's the place I want to come back to when it's all said and done