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At the core of BREDA, we stand for timeless self-expression—to tell stories of passionate creators. We have worked with a dossier of creative individuals with unique perspective for our Fall 2019 campaign, LOCALE. This concept discusses places that hold special memories and have significant meaning to personal history.

An interview with Brooklynne Young on growth, the idea of home and the personal relationships shared between time and place.

My name is: Brooklynne Young

My hometown is: Southlake, TX

I currently live in: Southlake, TX

My favorite thing about my hometown: Honestly, this might be odd but the proximity and abundance of health food grocery stores to my house makes me happy. For instance I enjoy long strolls through Costco and it’s less than a 10 minute drive from my house. I’m a huge health and food nut so I need to have access to fresh organic produce and nutrition essentials to make a place feel complete. So if I were to live in the middle of nowhere on a farm, which I totally hope I do one day and I had a farmers market ideally within walking distance or a short drive from my home I would be happy as a clam. There is nothing like going to the store or farmers market and picking out your own fresh produce and vegetables for the week—that brings me bliss.

I feel the influence of my hometown most when: When I go to my old high school Friday night football games with my dad even though I graduated back in 2013. My hometown is very proud of its academic and athletic programs and has quite a reputation in Texas. My dad still keeps up with all of the accomplishments even though all six of my siblings and I are long graduated. It’s something I share with my dad because we always sit at the very top in the nosebleeds just to have a full view and to keep to ourselves but I do it to spend that quality time with my dad because I know he enjoys it.

Homebody or social butterfly: Definitely a homebody, I’m the youngest of seven children so I’ve always been entertained when at home because we all have each other. I guess it’s also because I’m an introvert but I enjoy spending that time at home because I know I will miss it when I have my own home someday and there is nothing like spending time with family whether it be stressful or a grand time. I love nothing more than working on the garden in our backyard with my mom or playing tennis with my dad on our court. We truly have everything we need all right at home for the most part, which my parents designed and built themselves so it feels like our own curated little haven, so by default I become a homebody. However when I’m traveling I love to explore as much as possible and to see as many sights as I can as well as checking out as many charity shops as possible.

My rituals at home are: Driving around my neighborhood with my sister listening to music with the windows down is something that always makes me feel like I’m home. I used to sit in the back seat of my older brother’s Jeep with custom subwoofer speakers just to listen to the bass and feel the adrenaline of a good song while driving. Music is a big passion of mine that truly shapes a lot of my emotions and soothes me or amps me up, it’s a beautiful thing really to have the ability to listen to something that can make you feel so many emotions. Like a song you listened to during a time of sadness or happiness and whenever you listen to it again, it always reminds you of that certain time you first listened to it flooding in memories immediately, I find that to be a powerfully beautiful thing. Another ritual I have is sunbathing nude on my tennis court also listening to music whilst drinking an oat adaptogenic matcha. It’s these little things that bring me comfort and make me feel at home, I don’t need much.

‘Home’ to me means: ‘Home’ to me means that I have all my collected vintage pieces hung up, stored away in trinket boxes, or adorned on my body. My refrigerator is stocked with fresh organic veggies and my spice cabinet is full of my favorite spices. So therefore I truly could make anywhere ‘home’ with a large enough suitcase and some fresh fruit and nuts in tow. Of course there is nothing like spending time with family which makes you feel at ‘home’ but I decided not to delve too deep into that cliché.