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In a time where the world often feels disconnected or divided, I continue to seek ideas that bring people together and find comfort in making connections in a real human way. When exploring the concept for this collection I wanted to show uncomplicated love within friendship, within family. As it can be difficult to find a comfortable place and a clear voice in such a rapidly changing environment, I wanted to speak to the things that help us navigate what truly matters underneath all of the chaos. The little reminders we live with - a shared curl of a smile I carry from my mom, the occasional cackle laugh adopted from aunt. Sometimes we find it in the items we hang on to, It’s a handkerchief that still holds the scent of perfume, the handwritten letters on leafy paper, the gold watch with soft worn leather. To me, the Kinship collection is an ode to the things that hold our history and our memories. Capturing an element or a feeling from the totems that tether and tie us to another time.

For our campaign I wanted the set and space to reflect and parallel this feeling of holding onto a piece of history, a place that can continuously be rediscovered. I chose to capture this collection in the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in the historic district of downtown Dallas. The 8 floor modernist style building feels as if walking into a time capsule. Beyond the history the library holds within literature and art, it’s 1982 bones boast a beautifully uncomplicated angular concrete shell, walls stretched with paneled wood, ground to ceiling metal filing cabinets and every floor dressed with mazes of books. I fell in love with the timelessness of this place and it immediately became the only way for me to capture the collection.

As for the day of the shoot, it was certainly quieter than most. Tip-toeing around library goers and staff, trying not to disturb anyone with more than a camera flash. This was something I had foreseen as an obstacle, something that could hold us back or eat away at our timeline. Instead I felt that the silence allowed us focus as we moved through the shot list with ease and intention. This very thoughtful and calm sensibility came through the photos. I am so thankful for the talent we worked with from Kim Dawson agency, they surely and quietly helped us make a day of pure magic.
Creative Director, BREDA