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Our Spring 2020 campaign was captured in a very special place to me, cliffside in the pacific palisades. When I called Los Angeles home, this is where I would escape to. To celebrate big moments, to heal in times of heartache. This was a space I found safety in solitude, discovering a vacationed state of mind. Here you’ll find a film I created along with some images I captured through my own lens. Take a look around.

Collection Statement:

“I was most inspired by some of my recent travels. Not necessarily the destination or the travel itself, but this sort of universal feeling of vacation that exists even before arriving, the imagined version of a perfect getaway or a vacationed state of mind. There’s this layer that allows you to indulge in the finer things, knowing this experience is limited to time and that you’ll eventually have to step back into reality.

Visually I took to idyllic scenes and timeless style found in some of my favorite films such as Io sono l'amore (I am Love) by Luca Guadagnino where every moment feels elusively seductive and awakening, and photographs by Slim Aarons of humans in beautiful places indulging in post-activity leisure. A very ‘imagined’ setting that has you coveting a boat trip just off the Amalfi coast wearing white windblown kaftans, layered jewelry lit by the sun and wet skin atop warm cream leather seats. It’s the desire to achieve this balancing act between uncomplicated calmness, effortless elegance and to live in those moments as long as you can.”

Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA