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Embracing Reflection and Evolution

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Embracing Reflection and Evolution

Posted on 12/31/23

Welcoming 2024, BREDA reflects on its transformative journey, Recenter, guided by a commitment to inclusivity and authenticity. Discover how BREDA embraces the New Year with renewed purpose and innovation in the realms of fashion and art.

As the New Year unfurls its first chapter, it beckons a time for reflection. It's a period where we look back, pondering how the past year seamlessly intertwines with those gone by and the ones yet to unfold. In this spirit of introspection and foresight, BREDA embarked on a journey of self-discovery, contemplating its identity and future trajectory. In other words, we’re Recenter-ing our priorities in 2024, a continuation of a transformative practice that began in the recent past. This process of Recentering isn't a new endeavor for BREDA. Reflecting on our journey, we revisit a significant moment of change spearheaded by Kendall Falcon, our then Creative Director, who initiated the first Recenter in the aftermath of 2020's global upheaval.

Under Kendall Falcon’s guidance, now as Senior Creative Director, the first Recenter campaign, 'Regeneration,' was born. Falcon encapsulated the ethos of this movement, stating, “Regeneration is a response to the current times and how we can transform from this experience as individuals and as a collective. We have observed a place of fear, love, misunderstanding and resilience. We’ve experienced panic, anger, devastation, and boredom. And while we are all taking in each day differently, for the first time, all of humanity has been living through a shared experience. The world we live in has prompted each and every one of us to change, challenging our internal dialogue and is forcing us to hold a magnifying glass to our purpose…Together, we can acknowledge that between walls and skin and bone, we live in the same home and we share the same sun. In any way time serves us, we must place compassion over self-interest and move onward in community, discovery and growth.” This poignant reflection reminds us that companies like BREDA are more than entities; they are collectives of individuals, each contributing to a greater purpose. Building upon this foundation laid by Falcon and her team, this year has been another pivotal chapter in BREDA's story.

The project for BREDA this year involved a reflective journey, an exploration traversing its past, present, and future in the dynamic realms of fashion and art. Recognizing the necessity for evolution, the brand has been intent on establishing a clear and consistent foundation for its teams and consumers. BREDA has revisited its roots, acknowledging the influences and lessons that have shaped its journey. This process of looking back has been instrumental in gaining valuable insights into our identity, core values, and vision for future growth. The brand now focuses on discovering its authentic place in the industry, honing its unique appeal to our audience, and confidently navigating the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

BREDA's renewed focus on creative direction, led by Helen Jade-who took the reins in March of this year, is a captivating venture into the depths of human existence. It's an explorative journey that touches both the superficial layers of the external world and the profound depths of our innermost thoughts. This innovative approach aims to bridge the gap between art and commerce, blending cutting-edge fashion sense with thought-provoking narratives drawn from the subconscious realm. By creating a space that blurs the boundaries of reality, BREDA hopes to engage its audience in an immersive experience that transcends traditional notions of creativity.

The imagery of BREDA is twofold – Evergreen and Campaign. The Evergreen imagery represents the brand's timeless and refined identity, extending beyond mere product showcases to invite audiences to experience its passion for quality craftsmanship and authenticity. Each image is crafted to allow the products to shine, reflecting the brand's dedication to enduring fashion and simplicity. In contrast, the Campaign Imagery is a deeper narrative. It's where the brand's message takes on a weightier, more emotional form. Artistic and conceptual by nature, this imagery feels striking, going beyond fashion presentation to tell a deeper story.

In 2020, BREDA quietly embarked on a significant shift, phasing out gendered language from its branding and communication presented in the Regeneration campaign. This subtle yet impactful change was a testament to the brand's commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of individual expression. However, as the world witnesses an increasing tide of aggression towards those who courageously live and express their true selves, BREDA recognizes the need to amplify this message.

Now, with a resounding voice, the brand declares: "Come As You Are." This proclamation is an embodiment of BREDA's ethos, a beacon for authenticity, and a welcoming call to all, irrespective of how they identify or express themselves. It's a stand against conformity and a celebration of the diversity that enriches our world, encouraging everyone to embrace and express their unique identity with pride and confidence. We want to embrace whatever interaction you experience with BREDA and want anyone to feel at home here. We only desire for you to experience what we create as it pleases you, as it fits your form and your life. We infuse these principles not only into our outward expression but also in the way we shape our product perspectives. In 2024, we will explore the development of link extension kits, as we aim to create products that cater to a diverse range of needs, sizes, accessory variety, and individual expression. We want our products and events to present an opportunity to experience our ethos in person, to connect with like-minded souls, and to embrace the magic that unfolds when we unite.

In conclusion, as BREDA steps into the New Year, it does so with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future, the brand stands poised to continue its journey of growth and innovation, staying true to its commitment to individuality, creativity, and sustainable practices. We hope you follow along with us.