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Behind the Autumn Selects

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Behind the Autumn Selects

Posted on 10/18/23

As the seasons transition, join us on a reflective journey through time and style with Creative Director, Helen Jade. Together, we'll delve into the heartfelt narrative behind the Autumn Selects, exploring the deep connections between time and personal expression.

In this moment of seasonal transition, we find ourselves compelled to pause, to contemplate, and to savor the remarkable journey that has brought us to the present. We stand at the intersection of reminiscence and anticipation, paying homage to our roots while casting an eager gaze into the limitless horizon. Allow me to invite you on this heartfelt journey with this carefully curated collection of timepieces, each one a cherished chapter in my story at BREDA.

Reflecting on my journey with BREDA, let me take you on a stroll through some of its defining moments. It all began with my very first BREDA acquisition – the Esther Gold/Mist timepiece. It was a prelude to my travels in Japan, a symbol of simplicity and elegance that could effortlessly complement any ensemble.

I first dipped my toes into the world of BREDA with the Revel campaign, working as a retoucher. Then, I dove further into BREDA productions with Play (Illuminate), a campaign filled with heart and playfulness.

However, the Jane (Elemental) campaign holds a special place in my heart, as it witnessed my official debut as a producer. This campaign is a cherished memory, etching its significance into the core of my journey.

The DALMATA × BREDA Time Ring collection marked a significant turning point in my journey. Creative direction was a path less traveled until the DALMATA Campaign, where I had the opportunity to infuse my creative vision into the narrative. Subsequently, the Groove campaign emerged, offering a refreshing return to nature and a reconnection with the world around us. However, it was the Relic campaign that truly defined my role, representing my first campaign from inception to completion as I wholeheartedly embraced the mantle of creative director.

My journey with BREDA has been a tapestry of growth, creativity, and unforgettable moments. From the first timepiece that sparked my passion for the brand to the campaigns that tested and shaped my skills, each chapter has left an undeniable mark on my path. As we stand here, reflecting on seasons past and those yet to come, I'm grateful for the opportunity to share these experiences with you. The heart of BREDA beats in each meticulously crafted timepiece, and its essence lives in the stories and memories we've woven together. Here's to the endless horizons we'll explore and the remarkable chapters we'll continue to write in the ever-evolving story of BREDA.

Helen Jade
Creative Director, BREDA