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We sat down with Alex McCreight of Gaston Made, maker of modern handcrafted home goods. We discussed his craft, design style and the journey that got him here. 


Alex and his family are a very creative one. Every year they do handmade christmas, so everyone gets something truly special. Alex and his wife Emily made wooden coaster sets for their family and everyone loved them so much that they continued to run with the idea and develop their brand. Although the company was born from the simple idea of a coaster, Gaston Made has expanded with custom furniture and special objects that fill many local homes and businesses in the Dallas area.


What does an average work day look like for you?

ALEX: Wake up in the morning. My wife and I have breakfast together and drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee. If I have an office work to do, I like to get that done in the morning. Then I head out to the shop around 10:00 AM or so and spend all day working on what ever projects I have going on at the time. 

What is your favorite part about woodworking? Custom projects? Making things for your own home?

 ALEX: I really like the prospect of something new that I haven't made before. I like figuring things out and solving problems as I work. Repeated stuff is good and it pays the bills but can be a little mindless sometimes, so whether it's custom for someone else or a piece for our own home, creating something new is really where  it's at for me. 

Do you feel that your personal style reflects your design style or vise versa?

 ALEX: I would say that my design style is more polished than my personal style, maybe because I put more time and thought into design. My personal style takes a backseat to what I'm making so I don't outwardly show my personal style most of the time. I like to dress easy, I like classic stuff like jeans and t-shirts and that probably shows through in my design style as well. For furniture I like classic style, clean lines, simple shapes.

What is the impression you hope to give people by the way you dress?

ALEX: I like to give people the impression that I'm a hard worker. I like to put forth a style that says this guy can make something unique, is a professional but doesn't take himself to seriously. I think a lot of people are looking for local handmade things and I want people to see that I take what I do seriously. 

What is success to you?

 ALEX: Success is just being able to be creative and not having to worry about bills. If that worry is gone from your life then everything else becomes easier. I don't need to be a millionaire to be happy.