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A West Coast Revival

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A West Coast Revival

Posted on 05/14/24

BREDA Launches Jane & Virgil Revival Collection at Gold Diggers.

On Thursday, May 2, BREDA celebrated the launch of our Jane & Virgil Revival Collection at Gold Diggers, Los Angeles. The event featured mesmerizing performances by Annahstasia, Sydney Ross Mitchell, and Rashaun Richardson, who perfectly embodied the collection's spirit.

Inspired by the ability to transform and pivot toward a higher purpose, the Revival Collection acts as a powerful reminder of our inherent adaptability. Annahstasia, having released an EP titled "Revival" in 2023, was the ideal choice to headline the event.

Set against the laid-back, intimate backdrop of Gold Diggers, the venue allowed guests to engage with the experience fully. Attendees explored the collection, trying on the timepieces—featuring designs inspired by the original Jane and Virgil timepieces, with smaller frames and intricately textured bracelets in stainless steel and 18K deep gold plating.

To enhance the theme, BREDA and Gold Diggers curated a special cocktail menu. Highlights included "The Shapeshifter," a blend of tequila, agave, lime, house-made spice tincture, and Tajin, and "The Revival," featuring Lost Horse Whiskey with a proprietary gold-fashioned syrup.

The evening culminated in an electrifying set by Annahstasia, who captivated the audience with her soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Preceded by performances from Sydney Ross Mitchell and Rashaun Richardson, the trio delivered a powerful experience that encapsulated the Revival Collection’s essence.

The Jane & Virgil Revival Collection stands as a tangible testament to our capacity for transformation. We hope the event inspired guests to embrace their revivals and pursue their true calling, just as we all possess the strength to reshape our stories, emerge stronger, and make a lasting impact.

Images by Sophia Maria Favela