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A Creative Director Introduction


A Creative Director Introduction

Posted on 09/30/23

As we draw the curtain on the Relic launch, BREDA introduces Creative Director Helen Jade, who provides an inside look into the captivating Relic campaign and the distinctive world of BREDA.

After completing the Relic launch, BREDA's Fall 2023 Collection, and my inaugural campaign from conception to realization at BREDA, I felt it was time for a proper introduction. Hello, I'm Helen Jade, the new Creative Director at BREDA. To give you a little background, I was born and raised in the vibrant city of Fort Worth, Texas. My journey in the world of art led me to earn a BFA in Photography from Texas State University, and my roots are deeply planted in fine art and fashion photography.

In photography, I've always adhered to a philosophy that will seamlessly translate into my role as Creative Director and contribute to the brand's growth. I firmly believe there is immense strength and beauty in simplicity. My photographic style has always aimed to explore the subconscious realms of the human experience while capturing the raw essence of life itself. It's a delicate dance, a harmonious balance between revealing the seen and unveiling the unseen.

Inspired by the design of Relic, I found myself captivated by the intriguing space between the links as if peering through a hidden dimension. During this exploration, the word "unearthing" took root in my mind. I began gravitating towards textures and materials that embodied this concept – materials like clay and sheer fabrics. As a result, the Relic campaign evolved into something more profound than the tangible; it delved into the intangible. We embarked on a journey to reclaim the Relic, to dust it off from its past connotations and unveil it in a new light. The campaign became a creative endeavor to create a physical memento that embodies both the timeless art of antiquity and the cutting-edge innovation of modern design.

During my tenure here, my vision extends beyond overseeing BREDA's creative direction. I am deeply committed to nurturing and fostering the growth of our brand, not merely as a purveyor of timepieces but as a catalyst for a broader movement. My aspiration is to help cultivate an inclusive and vibrant space within BREDA that not only celebrates artistry and craftsmanship but also fosters a sense of community among artists and all individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. It's about creating an environment where creativity flourishes, and artists of all disciplines can find inspiration and support to pursue their passions.

In this journey, I envision BREDA becoming a hub, a nexus where diverse talents converge, collaborate, and thrive. It's about transcending the boundaries of a traditional watch company to become a dynamic force that champions creativity, innovation, and human connection. Together, we can transform BREDA into a movement and force that transcends the boundaries of the watch industry and resonates with a global audience, inspiring individuals to live with intention and appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship in all aspects of life.

Helen Jade
Creative Director, BREDA