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On March 29th we hosted an intimate gathering called Loft Stories, an event series for local singer/songwriters to share their stories through original songs. The focus for the night is on the hearts behind the music that each artist has created. BREDA Studio was filled with beautiful sounds and honest storytelling. Meet the artists below and keep an eye out for the next show coming on May 31st.


Donovan Hinda

“Dallas-based Donovan Hinda creates atmospheres within which he explores themes like connection, hope, and the desire for both while texturally weaving the common thread between his wide range of influences, from soul to noise to experimental rock.”




“MD WULF is an Indie Alt Rock artist from Dallas, Texas. His style and influences span from years of playing a number of styles across all genres. "’MD WULF is a new project I’ve been working on for the past 10 months with new songs, new sounds, and hard commitments.’”



Corina Grove

“Born in Arezzo, Italy, Corina Grove is a singer/songwriter who began her affinity for music at 12 years old. She plays guitar, piano and the bass, all of which are incorporated into her creative process. “‘I have always loved music — always. From a young age I would grab my guitar and sit in the basement of our house and write for endless hours.’ "’...if I change someone’s life with my lyrics and music that would be most rewarding’”.